TTP is a severe form of microvascular occlusive microangiopathy. It's also known as Moschcowitz syndrome.

In real english, it's a very rare disorder within the bloods clotting system (coagulation). This results in a large volume of tiny clots (thrombi) forming in the body's smaller blood vessels and throughout the sufferers body. This can lead to damage to the bodily organs from the kidneys and heart right through to the brain. The fatality rate as a result used to be very high at around 90%.

Thankfully however, we now have effective treatment in the form of plasma exchange which has reduced that rate to 10% at the 6 month point.

This site has been created primarily to provide online support to the clinical study of GIPTT about treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, but also to offer a virtual meeting point for researchers or anyone interested in the disease. As well as a general narrative on health and health issues.

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